Portrait of Dylan above.


Below, One of Dylan's photographs commissioned for the front cover of 'Bilbao New York Bilbao'

by Kirmen Uribe.

Hello and welcome to Kenaz24photography

Dylan F J Borck is 'Kenaz24Photography' a Freelance photographer based in Monmouth, Gwent, UK.   


Dylan's skill and style has been developed and shaped over the last 30 years by shooting most genres of photography including: landscape, seascape, portrait, action/sports,

candid/street and black and white photography.  


A further addition to Dylan's photography skill set is his passion for property and Interior photography, which over the last 10 years (for various clients) he has photographed everything from stunning mansions to basic studio flats, always maintaining his meticulous eye for detail for the customer. 

Dylan also produces floor plans using Metropix Floor planning Design Software.

For EPC Reports, Property Inventory Reports,
Property Mid term and Move out Reports, Property Video Tours
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Above is a commission for the front cover of the album 'Dark' by The Sigh Company.

Below is the front cover for 'Past Lives Future Deaths' by Gregory N. Taylor.